A Practical Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad

A step by step guide, complete with video tutorials and a vast library of resources to help you find remote work, plan your first trip, and maintain a successful digital nomad lifestyle.


Making Money

Make money on the road through remote employment, or work opportunities in the locations you are visiting.

Thanks to the internet and the thriving “sharing” economy, there are more ways than ever to both educate yourself, and find remote work. In this section we outline resources that will help you learn new skills, continue to develop current ones, as well as find remote work that you can do from anywhere in the world.


Choosing your Destination

Research countries and cities, and choose the best destination for your circumstances.

There are plenty of variables that are involved in deciding your first, or next destination. How far away is it? How much will it cost to get there? How much will it cost to live there? What is my budget? Are among some of the more important questions you’ll need to ask yourself. In this section we cover tools to help you research your desired locations, and effectively mold your visit to your wants and needs. 



Effectively manage your money abroad, and take necessary steps to ensure compliance both at home, and in your new country.

Even if you are floating around the world and living freely, you are not free from your obligations as a citizen in your home country. It is important to take steps to use safe and reputable financial services while on the road, while maintaining a continuous line of communication with your governments treasury back home, and insuring compliance with the governments of the countries you visit.


Securing a Bed

Secure a place to sleep through work-trade opportunities, or budget friendly accommodations.

The internet has made it easier than ever to connect with homeowners, hosts, and travelers alike worldwide. In this section we outline the search networks available to either find hosts willing to trade you room & board for a helping hand, as well as the search engines and apps that can be used to find affordable accommodations that fit your budget.


Moving Around

Find cheap flights to your initial destination, and leverage travel apps to efficiently move around your new home. 

Finding the cheapest flight across the world is easier than it has ever been. With the vast amount of competition among airlines and booking sites, leveraging a large web of search networks, and timing your airline searches will help you get the cheapest rates possible. In this section we outline the top airline search engines and apps, as well as apps that will help you move around  your new home with ease.


Keeping it Going

Connect with expert travelers through their blogs, podcasts or vibrant online communities that are both helpful, and supportive.

Digital Nomads are all over the world, and more and more of them are sharing their knowledge with the world. In this section I outline some of my favorite blogs, podcasts and communities that have been a driving force in my own aspirations to become a digital nomad.