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Finding Things to Do

Step by step guidance to finding fun, cultural and immersive activites in any destination.

How to use this guide:

This guide is meant to be a fun read, so feel free to jump around as you please. Not all sections will be your cup of tea, and that’s totally cool. You will find included a quick rundown of each section’s purpose and a reason you may want to skip. If something catches your eye, go ahead and skip right to it and have a blast exploring the guide at your own pace!

Travel Guides

Tours & Activities




To research the best activities to do in any destination.

Skip if:

You already have a go-to resource for travel inspiration.


Atlas Obscura

The definitive guide to the world’s hidden wonders.

The Monocle

A trendy modern publication with a handful of great travel guides.

Lonely Planet

Expert advice, travel guides, destination and inspiration.

Rick Steeves

America’s leading authority on European travel and creator of travel guides.

Tours &



To help find desirable events and activities in any location.

Skip if:

You already have a go-to source of travel activities.


Build, share and collaborate on your itinerary with tripmates, friends & family.


An amazing road trip planner for people visiting the USA for the first time.


Trip Advisor

Plan, read reviews and get travel advice from an online community. 


Find and book city tours, day trips and tickets in your travel destination.